Don't put your business and people at risk

Secure Cash Services

Cash logistics for events big or small, and cash floats made to order
Cash in Transit

Safe, secure and insured logistics of cash and other valuables to a secured cash processing centre.

Cash Collection/Delivery

Our staff are fully trained, licensed and accredited to carry firearms in the course of duties related to cash and other goods of value.

Cash Processing

An innovative approach to securely processing the value of cash in a secured facility, then transferring the value of the cash to the owner.

First Line Maintenance

Reliable First Line Maintenance ATM’s and certified installation, and decommission of POS terminals throughout Western Australia.

Adaptable, responsive and proactive, WACS Security mitigates risks, handles unforeseen challenges, and overcomes potential daily operational issues through our ability to gauge threats before they emerge, and deploy counter measures to combat security issues.

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About WACS Security

100% Australian owned, and now under the Southern Cross Protection Group
A complete security solution with national presence

We are a customer centric company focused on understanding our customers' needs, and delivering innovative tailored solutions to match. Our vision is to provide the highest standards of service, delivering value and quality to all our customers. We offer a successful and diverse range of special services to corporate, government, and individual clients. When you engage WACS Security, our staff will discuss in detail our operational procedures whilst supplying a professional service at a competitive cost. The service provided is of an exemplary standard, and as a client of WACS Security, you will be given immediate and prompt attention. WACS Security employs an exceptional team of high level, qualified staff. We know how important people are to achieve an effective service and deliver customer satisfaction.

  • Safety

    Your safety is our priority. We provide safe environments for people, businesses, and communities

  • Integrity

    Ensuring your peace of mind. We act with honesty and integrity at all times


    Delivering tailored solutions to you. We anticipate your needs to ensure leading, cost-effective solutions in partnership with you and for you

  • Innovation

    Keeping you ahead of the curve. We demonstrate creativity and adaptability to develop new products and services to protect your assets

Southern Cross Protection

Offering a fully integrated suite of security solutions through common Australian ownership
We provide intelligent and comprehensive security solutions to our customers. By assessing the specific security needs of people, businesses and communities, and utilising precision risk management technologies, we provide integrated and effective security solutions that deliver peace of mind to our clients.
We work with businesses developing and executing strategies that protect your assets and minimise shrinkage and theft. With a depth of expertise, experience, and dedication that’s second to none, Charter Security tailors end-to-end security solutions for large, multi-location organisations in commercial, corporate, retail, events and transport operations.
We offer professional cash collection and banking services that not only safeguards the cash within your business, but we also seek to optimise the most efficient route and tasking according to priority and timing requirements. We provide a reliable service that gives our clients complete satisfaction and peace of mind, knowing that their requirements are in safe hands.

Southern Cross Protection, offering an integrated suite of security solutions nationwide through common Australian ownership.

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